Our core business is fresh meat processing. Our other ventures include food manufacturing, cold storage, chilled and frozen pork, distribution, warehousing, and robust import capability.

Our impact extends further than you might imagine. In our home market, our expansion included the acquisition of a local pork dealer. In Australia, we allocated human and financial resources to building an alliance, along with our ongoing pursuit of farm grading and forecasting.

Jordon International was incorporated in 1996 and is now owned by Kendo Trading. Many years of striving for excellence has brought Jordon to a leadership position in the fresh and frozen meat industry with HACCP certification.

Jordon possesses an expert team of skilled professionals across all levels of our organisation. This assures you, our customer, receives the best quality pork available today. Our experience covers everything from the technical knowledge of processing, to how the end result will ultimately please the consumer.

A leader in fresh and frozen meats

Our customers trust us every step of the way. We only source from AVA-approved establishments. Quality control continues through our scheduled farm and plant surveys.

It continues with our advanced cold storage system, and our 24/7 temperature monitoring system. All the while, we’re maintaining food safety and quality throughout each step of the process with stringent quality control.

This attention to quality detail continues with our advanced cold chain management system from point of receiving, storage, processing, to transportation via a large fleet of freezer trucks, and beyond to our expanding list of retail, wholesale and distributor customers.