Over the past decade the provenance of the food that we eat has become increasingly more important. We are demanding more transparency in what we consume – we want food with environmental integrity, ‘real food’, with real flavour. We are questioning where our food originates from and the journey it’s taken from the paddock to the plate.

Linley Valley Pork has an authentic story to tell, which starts with nature and ends with flavour.

Western Australia is well known for its vast, pristine, natural environment. Our clear blue skies and clean air are the envy of the world and its here that Linley Valley Pork has been raising pigs for over 30 years.

Every day our farms breed, process and supply the finest, freshest, quality pork, to selected butchers and retailers across Western Australia.

At our Free Range Farm in The Porongurups, in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia are some of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. These ancient granite rocks rear up out of the Karri forests and dominate the landscape and in the pasture lands below we raise our free-range pigs.

Our free-range pigs are happy pigs, running free they are nurtured outdoors in a pure, unspoilt landscape, breathing clean air and fed a natural diet by our own farmers. Farmers that have a passion for what they do, and genuinely care about the environment and welfare of the animals.

And to ensure a consistent level of attention; when the stock is mature they are processed and we hand select the best – in our own facilities, and then partner with chosen butchers and retailers who take pride in rewarding customers with the ultimate flavour experience, created by a shared belief;

That the best flavour comes from the most cared for animals, raised and prepared with integrity in the purest of environments.

In other words what’s good for the animal and the land is good for us, and our customers get to experience the best tasting, most succulent pork.

Our Range of Free Range Pork Includes:

Back Ribs
Front Hock
Loin Boneless
Pork Belly
Pork Chop Bone in
Pork German Knuckle
Pork Rack
Shoulder Butt
Shoulder Chop Boneless
Spare Ribs