Curious about what the word “delicatessen” actually means? It’s German for “fine foods; a delicacy.” Looking deeper, its root word is a Latin adjective that means “enticing, delightful or pleasing.”

That is a natural and expected outcome from those who consume our Deli products. In fact, you may discover our products remind you of a genuine Delicatessen or specialty shop – somewhere you’d find products not normally available in ordinary stores.

Deli Meat Products

Our product lines include the following:

  • Mixed Sausage Platter
  • Mixed Ham Platter
  • Mixed Chinese Roast Platter
  • Mixed Western Roast Platter

We are also proud of our locally produced meats. Some of our core products are Pork Chipolata, Gammon Ham, Virginia Ham.

Our Delicatessen product lines include the following:

  • Sausage Mixed Platter
  • Ham Mixed Platter
  • Chinese Roast  Mixed Platter
  • Western Roast Mixed Platter

We are also known of our local production of cured meat that includes Pork Chipolata, Gammon Ham and Virginia Ham.

Our Range of Deli Meats Includes:

Chicken Bockwurst
Chicken Cheese Small
Chicken Chipolata
Chicken Garlic
Chicken Sausage
Italian Pork Sausage
Pork Cheese
Sausage Group
Japanese Char Siew 1
Ham Group 1
Ham Group 2