Jordon International is a leading provider of pork products available in a variety of cuts and configurations. We provide Bone to specification from the main portion including Shoulder leg, Middle and Hind Leg.

We also offer Chilled Pork-Shoulder, Chilled Pork-Middle, Chilled Pork-Leg and Sukiyaki, and Shabu Shabu to name just a few.

We search out the best sources for pork the world over. We have chilled pork from Australia, Indonesia, and Canada. We carry an extensive range of frozen pork cuts from South America, Europe, China and North America as well.

Our Range of Chilled & Frozen Pork Cuts Includes:

Belly Sukiyaki
Bone in Leg
German Knuckle
Pork Belly
Pork Fillet
Shabu Shabu
Short Loin Fat
Shoulder Butt
Spare Rib