At Jordon International, fresh meat processing is just the beginning. As a recognised leader of processed pork products, we provide fresh and frozen meats to the region’s top retail, hotel, restaurant and food manufacturing enterprises. 

Our businesses include food manufacturing, cold storage, chilled and frozen food, distribution as well as warehousing. No wonder more chilled pork is imported via Jordon than any other Singapore supplier.

As a single-source solution provider of fresh or chilled pork plus delicatessen goods, Jordon provides the highest quality assurance at the most competitive pricing.

Our leading-edge facility features the latest in meat processing technology. Our experienced team of professionals provide the perfect blend of technical knowledge, culinary skills, R&D support and on-trend marketing expertise – all of which makes Jordon International a name in excellence throughout every level of the industry.

The Right Cuts. The Best Sources.

Discover quality pork products from the best sources in the world. Our chilled and frozen pork goods deliver on quality, selection, and of course, taste. No wonder you’ll find our pork selections in leading stores, restaurants and hotels throughout Singapore.

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Our Delicatessen Story

Presenting the fine art of specialty meats. These are the meats you won’t find in just any store. Discover our delicious selection of cured meats that includes hams, roasted pork and sausages.

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A Quality Promise We Keep Every Day.

We place absolute importance on the safety and health of those who consume our products. We meet and exceed the highest standards of safety, quality, health, freshness and hygiene. The credibility of our brand demands nothing less.

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A Cutting-Edge Environment

Our advanced, technology-driven, facility house have one goal in mind: to process and deliver a diverse variety of food lines that meet the growing needs of the region – and beyond.

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